Copyright law


The copyright law and intellectual property :

The website contain all the texts linked to the Berne convention, we are basing our system on this treaties for your copyright protection.

The website all Canadian articles of law on the intellectual property and copyright.

The list of the country members where the copyright is valid is available here :

What is a copyright ?

The copyright is a right of ownership on your creations, this right exist when you create a creation on physical basis (document, design...), and is valid of course if the creation is original.

Why using an online service like ?

You need a copyright service to be able to prove your ownership on your creation. We are storing your creations and associated certificates of copyright on secure servers and also at public notary office in your own name. The public notary will store your proof for 30 years. will be useful in case of litigation, you will able to prove the date of registration of your creation and the authenticity of the content registered. You will have an official document stamped by a public notary. In case of litigation and this kind of proof is irrefutable, finally you have more chance to win the legal action using  our service than stay without proof of ownership. Don't wait to be copied and protect your work now.