About Scopyright.ca

Scopyright.ca is a service of copyright registration online that have for mission to provide a system that allow you to register your copyright at public notary office in real time in order to give you a proof of ownership based on date of registration, and digital signature of the registered document. This proof will be irrefutable in case of litigation it will prove the existence of your work at the date of registration and will give you ownership on it.
When you are choosing a service like scopyright.ca you have the folowing guarantees :
.  Your document is time stamped by public notary and digitally signed, your copyright is valid in the 172 countries that signed and approved the Bern Convention.
.  Choose a protection and a real proof, certified by a notary: incontestable proof in case of trial.
.  Choose a safe and confidential service

. 24/7 access to the backup of your online deposit your deposits and documents are stored in duplicate on our secure servers and also completely on the servers of the notary for a period of 30 years.

. In all offers over $50, you benefit from litigation assistance in case of infringement of your creations.
. An official document certified by the public notary is offered  in case of litigation