Copyright Protection for a Book


Protect Your Book

Regardless of whether you have authored one of the greatest novels in Canadian history or your book is a short book about making the best poutine anywhere, your book should belong only to you.  It took a lot of hard work to create and, under Canadian law, you are entitled to protection from others who would appropriate your work for their own use. In fact, under Canadian law, as soon as you create a unique and distinctive book, you are automatically protected under the law.

However, reality is different. If your copyright on your book is challenged, you must be able to provide proof of your ownership in the work and you must be able to establish a date that of its creation. That is what makes so valuable to book authors. Our copyright deposit system provides you with the proof of ownership you need to protect your book from those who might infringe on your rights.

If you have written a book, when you register and make a copyright deposit of that book with, the protection is instantaneous and complete.  Your copyright deposit is archived with officials whose job it is to certify your deposit and retain the book in a way that establishes you as the author and the owner of your book, at the same time it establishes a date certain of creation of your book, which will establish priority of copyright.

A deposit with provides you with incontestable proof of copyright. That is because deposits in our system cannot be altered by anyone, including you. If you write a new version of your book, you'll need to make a new deposit to protect it. However, your book deposit serves as an official witness of your right to your book for the life of the copyright.  The protection provided by is very comprehensive. Your copyright deposit doesn't only protect you in Canada; it is also valid in the 173 countries who have signed on to the Berne Convention, which means, virtually no one in the world can copy your book.