Copyright Protection for an Idea


Protect Your Idea

Everyone gets an idea now and then. Some ideas, however, are worth more than others. In fact, many are extremely valuable. Whether you have an idea to cure cancer, an idea for a movie or TV show that no one has ever done before or anything else, ideas are often very lucrative and those who have them should be protected from others who may try to copy them. This is what makes Canada's copyright laws are so important. If you have an idea that is valuable to you, it may be worth stealing by someone else, so you may want to protect it before it’s too late. A great and easy way to protect your idea is by using the archival deposit system created by

Under Canadian law, you have a copyright on your idea automatically, as long as it is distinct, unique and elaborate enough to qualify. However, if your copyright is ever challenged or someone else is claiming they came up with it first, you must be able to prove your ownership and the effective date of your idea. A foolproof way to do that is to register and deposit your idea into the deposit system.  

When someone registers and makes a copyright deposit of their idea, it's very important to make sure the idea is as detailed as possible.  If your idea is extremely detailed and you deposit it into our system at, the protection is instantaneous. The registration and deposit of your idea establishes your ownership and it a date certain of its creation. Your deposit establishes priority of copyright and is incontestable proof of copyright. The deposit becomes your official witness of your rights.

When you get copyright protection for your idea with, your protection is valid for life and you will always be able to retrieve the proof you need. Your idea is handled carefully by officials who are under a legal obligation to retain all documents deposited with the utmost care, in an integrated system that makes all deposits unalterable. The fact that they can't be altered certifies their authenticity. The protection for your idea also reaches well beyond Canada. You are protected internationally, since your deposit with is valid in all 173 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention.