Copyright Protection for a Textile Model Collection


Protect Your Textile Model Collection 

In a fashion industry that is extremely competitive, there will always be those who are more than willing to take shortcuts. Also, many fashions have similar design elements, which can lead to someone copying someone else unintentionally. All of that means it is very important for anyone in the industry to protect their textile model collections.  Any Canadian with any sort of intellectual property owes it to themselves to protect it using Canada's copyright laws as soon as possible. If you come up with a design on Thursday, it is possible for someone to come up with a similar idea on Monday, which means establishing proof of copyright of your textile models immediately can be extremely important.    

Anything you create should belong to you and you alone and only you should be able to derive benefit from it.  Under Canadian law, if your textile model is sufficiently original and unique, it will be entitled to copyright protection as soon as you create it. As a practical matter, of course, if there is ever a challenge to either your ownership of your textile model collection or the date of its creation, you must be able to prove both ownership and that yours was created first. The best way to do that is by registering and depositing it to our system at

When you register and make a copyright deposit of your textile model into the archival system, you establish complete copyright protection immediately.  Once your deposit is in our system, you always will have absolute proof of copyright whenever you need it. Your textile model collection deposit cannot be altered or changed by anyone, including you, which means that it will serve to memorialize that you alone have the right to it from the certified date of deposit. Even better, the copyright protection you receive for your textile model is valid for life.

When you deposit your textile model collection with, your work is handled carefully by officers with a legal obligation to retain your textile model in a way that makes your right incontestable in any legal proceeding. Best of all, the protection you receive is not only valid in Canada, but worldwide, with all 173 signatory countries to the Berne Convention.