Copyright Protection for your Design


Protect Your Design

Nearly every product, invention or idea begins with a unique and original design. A design usually comes well before any product or prototype. Whether you have designed clothing, a new type of computer or some other item, you will want to protect your ownership of that design from the very beginning, even before you reveal it to the world. This is especially the case if you are using the design for business. If it is valuable to you, someone else is likely to find it valuable, as well, and try to copy it. Many people like to take shortcuts to success and you will want to protect yourself from them. And the easiest and most effective way to protect yourself is by establishing a copyright in your design.

Technically speaking, under Canadian law, you have an automatic copyright when you create your design. Practically speaking, however, when someone challenges or tries to infringe on your copyright, you must be able to provide proof of both your ownership of the design and a date certain of its creation. When you register and deposit your design into the system at, you will always have access to the proof you need. The deposit goes into a very sophisticated digital archive, where it is certified by notaries who maintain the system in a way that protects all deposits and keeps them safe,

Any Canadian designer who makes a copyright deposit of their design will see that their copyright protection is immediate. It will establish your ownership and a date certain of the creation of your design. Your deposit establishes priority of copyright and is incontestable proof of copyright because, once it has been deposited there is no way for anyone to alter it. When you deposit your design, that deposit will establish an official witness of your rights to it

When you file for copyright protection for your design with, your protection will be valid for life and beyond and your design will be in the hands of officials obligated by law to retain everything in our system in pristine condition. You will be able to retrieve your deposit at any time, so you will always be able to prove your claim to the design. Also, when you deposit your design at, your protection isn't just good in Canada, it is valid and effective in all 173 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That gives your copyright deposit international clout.