Copyright Protection for a Document


Protect Your Document

If you have created a unique and original document of any kind, whether a report or white paper, or a document establishing policies and procedures in your business, you may want to protect your rights of ownership. That document belongs to you and you alone. Under Canadian law, you automatically have a copyright in any document you create the moment you create it. However, if anyone challenges your ownership, it won't be enough to claim it is yours. You must be able to prove it is yours and you also must be able to prove that you created it before the alleged infringing party.

Regardless of the document's purpose, you should be the only one to decide how the document is used and who gets to derive benefit from it. That is why there is Canadian copyright law in the first place.  And is here to make sure you can provide the proof you need whenever you need it.  Through our easy to use interface, your document can be deposited into our archive in a way that will always provide you with proof of your ownership of the document, as well as proof of the date you established copyright, to show that you were the first to come up with the document.

When you register and make a copyright deposit of your document with, the process is easy and the protection is virtually instantaneous.  Our notaries will certify your copyright deposit and it will establish a date certain of creation of the document, which means you will always have proof of copyright available anytime you need it.  And because your document deposit is unalterable by anyone, it will serve as incontestable proof of copyright. Your deposit serves as an official witness of your right to your document.

The protection you gain from a copyright deposit with covers a lot of ground. First of all, your protection continues for the rest of your life. Anytime you need a copy to prove your copyright, it will be there. Your document will be in the care of officers with a legal obligation to retain your document and every other deposited work in our system with total care. Quite possibly the best part is that your copyright protection covers a lot more than Canada. Because of the Berne Convention, copyright protection for your document is valid in all 173 countries that have signed on to it. That means your document is protected by copyright all over the world.