Copyright Protection for a Logo


Protect Your Logo

Any Canadian who has worked hard to create and develop a unique logo for their business, their nonprofit, their website, or even to highlight their social media identity, or any purpose that benefits them, will rightfully want to protect that logo from appropriation or use by others. Only the actual creator and owner of the logo should be able to use it for their benefit; use by anyone else constitutes infringement. The unauthorized use or copying deprives you of your rights and you are entitled to protection. In Canada, one way to do that is through copyright protection, and one quick and easy way to ensure that your copyright is always protected is by making a copyright deposit with

The truth is, your logo is your brand; it's what identifies you and sets you apart from the competition. It's what makes you, and possibly your business or product, stand out. While many logos have become iconic, they always started out as basic designs and they had to be developed into what they have become. A logo can be extremely valuable to you. Of course, if it is valuable to you, someone else is likely to want to appropriate it as their own. Your logo is worth protecting., which is why is here.

Under Canadian law, if your logo is creative and unique, it qualifies for copyright protection immediately upon creation and you are technically protected from infringement by others. However, the reality is, if anyone was to challenge your rights to the logo, you must be able to provide proof of your ownership and the date that you established a copyright in the logo. That is exactly what does for you.

Whenever you deposit a logo into the system for copyright protection, your logo is archived forever, in a way that prevents alterations. Our officers will certify that the logo belongs to you and you alone and they will also establish a date certain for its creation. This will provide you with absolute proof of everything you need to protect your rights in your logo and make sure it belongs to you and only you. The best part is, your protection is not just valid in Canada. The protection provided by your deposit extends to all 173 countries that have signed onto the Berne Convention. That means your protection is international in scope.