Copyright Protection for a Mobile App iOS or Android


Protect Your Mobile Apps iOS or Android

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in Canada and all over the world, a new category of consumer technology has grown by leaps and bounds, and that is in the area of mobile apps. These apps are what make those smartphones work. A great many Canadians create mobile apps that do some wonderful things, whether it's calling for a car to take you somewhere or finding the best restaurant in a certain area, or even just to answer questions about certain topics. Perhaps you created a great game that you believe may become the next new thing in an App Store.

Whatever you have created, you deserve the right to decide how they are used and you should be the only one to make a profit or derive other benefit from that creation. That is why is here.  Under Canadian copyright laws, as long as your mobile app is original and unique, you are automatically protected as soon as it is created.  Of course, if your copyright is ever challenged, you must be able to provide proof of both your ownership of the mobile app and the date of its creation.

That is the primary purpose of the copyright registration and deposit system offered by It is only possible to prove your copyright if you can certify to legal authorities that you own your mobile app's design and all its elements, and that your mobile app predates that of the alleged infringing party. Making a copyright deposit of all elements of your mobile app with s is an easy way to do just that in a way that is incontestable.

Whenever you register and make a copyright deposit of your mobile app with, the protection is immediate.  Your copyright deposit establishes a date certain of creation of all elements of your mobile app, which will establish priority of copyright. The deposit is also unalterable by anyone, including you, which makes it incontestable. The deposit serves as an official witness of your right to protect your mobile app and all design elements. Your deposit is archived in a system that is cared for by officials who are dedicated to maintaining the entire system in a pristine state, so that you will have access to all aspects of your mobile app anytime you need it.

Perhaps the best part is that your protection stretches well beyond the Canadian border. When you make a copyright deposit in Canada with s, your copyright protection is valid in the 173 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means, by using our easy system of copyright deposit, you will be protected all over the world.